Bring Nature to Life

A beautiful ecosystem designed for your home or office.

What is the EcoQube?

The EcoQube is a beautiful, compact, all-in-one aquatic ecosystem for your home or office. The aquarium kit provides you with the easiest and most sustainable way to keep fish and grow plants! The complete EcoQube includes the following:

aquaponics tank

How Does the EcoQube Work?

EcoQube aquaponic ecosystem plants in EcoQube aquaponic ecosystem cylce of EcoQube aquaponic ecosystem

The heart of the EcoQube is the aquaponics filter. The aquaponics filter uses plants, the world’s best and most natural filter, to keep your aquarium clean. Here’s how it works:

1. Fish excrete waste into the water column.

2. Patent Pending Aquaponics filter turns waste into fertilizer.

3. Filter uses plants to remove fertilizers, and water is cleaned.

This makes the EcoQube a natural, self-sustainable, and easy to care for aquarium. Learn more about the Aquaponics Filter HERE

Why EcoQube?

EcoQube aquaponic ecosystem

Beautiful ecosystem

We designed the EcoQube to be simple and beautiful using over 70% clear material to emphasize the living ecosystem itself.

The EcoQube is the perfect frame for you to create and place the world’s most beautiful art - Nature. In addition, the compact size allows it to fit into any part of your life.

EcoQube aquaponic ecosystem

Plants filter the water

The EcoQube’s patent pending aquaponics filter allows you to efficiently grow your house plants or micro-greens with ease, while using the same plants to keep your aquarium clean.

Fertilized water from the fish is fed to plant roots at 100 gallons per hour and the roots remove the fish waste before water re-enters the aquarium, making it a low maintenance plant propagator and easy to care for aquarium.

EcoQube aquaponic ecosystem


Sustainability, along with beauty is in every aspect of the EcoQube. Plants, the world’s best and most natural filter is used.

No filter ever needs to be replaced, plants just grow and every piece of the EcoQube is re-usable, even the packaging.

Who's Behind This

Our names are Eric and Kevin. We are UC San Diego students and aquarium geeks who met in high school. We instantly became intrigued by planted aquatic ecosystems and the rest was history.

As we got older, we realized the bigger challenges humanity is facing today in food and water shortage, but for most of us, such issues are so foreign.

So we decided to use our knowledge of aquariums to introduce the concept of aquaponics and the beauty of a sustainable ecosystem to as many people as possible.

Please support our mission by sharing the EcoQube with as many people as you know!

Learn more about us! Our story and experiences in pictures here: HERE